Tom Collins

DSC00309I don’t like cocktails, but I’ll always have a soft spot for a nice cold glass of Tom Collins.

The cocktail, long reviled by “purist alcoholics” like myself who prefer to drink stuff straight, has long been polluted by all sorts of concoctions created by college boarders trying to make alcoholic alchemy out of all sorts of drinks and ingredients.  I draw the line at Red Horse mixed with rum and Sprite and grape juice, but there are those memories of tequila “mixes” and bubblegum-flavored lambanog that I still hang on to as promises to quit drinking heavily.

Then there’s the Tom Collins: it goes down smooth, it has a nice taste, and you won’t screw it up no matter how drunk and wasted you are and you’re still forced to make drinks.  Best of all, it’s made with my favorite hard liquor: gin.

That picture was taken at a Chili’s somewhere, but I prefer making my own.

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